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Hello there! Our pricing and billing model is designed to meet the needs of small NGOs and little projects funded by third parties. This page serves as our official pro forma offer. Once you booked a package, you can immediately download and print an invoice for your books.

Proforma offer / Plans

PackageE-mails / participantsDaysNetGross
(Gross prices with 19% VAT for Germany. Other values of VAT may apply in other countries.)

These packages apply for standard campaigns, including an unlimited number of actions within the period of validity. With exception of the Teaser-package, all packages include a limited amount of support via E-mail, Skype and phone through the PoliCAT-Team. The credits count real (E-mail-verified) participants of petitions and action-E-mailssent (E-mail-actions, E-mail-to-list-actions and pledge-actions).

Buy a package and go live with your e-action. Without an active package, you can still prepare your action, but viewers of your action-widgets won't be able to sign-up or send E-mails (your action will appear as active, but not yet started).

If you have special needs for your campaign, for example new features or more mailing power, please contact: daniel@policat.org


Payment can be done via PayPal or transfer. If you pay via PayPal, you're done and your package is active immediately. If you don't want to use payment via PayPal, please make your payment to the following account. You have to wait a few days until we checked your transfer and activate your package. Please give us a note, if you are in a hurry. We find a solution anyway.

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